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A Safe Space to Express How You Feel

Therapy for the Black community has a long, sordid history, and even today, many people of color are raised in households where therapy holds a lot of stigma. With the truly troubling history of therapy that Black Americans contend with, it’s no surprise that so many avoid therapy. Whether you’ve been purposely staying away from counseling or you never thought you needed it before, we’re glad you’ve found our site. At Lotus Psychology Group, our therapists are committed to creating safe spaces where people of color, feel welcome and able to share their deepest thoughts, worries, and fears; and receive support and guidance through everything life throws your way. On this page, you can learn more about the benefits of therapy for members of the Black community in Metro Detroit. You can also explore more information about what you can expect from therapy sessions with our team.

You Can Trust Our Therapists

Our therapists have education and training in culturally competent counseling. That may sound cheesy, but this training makes a big difference in our ability to work with people across races, religions, and cultures. It means we’re able to help our clients to understand the many different aspects of their past, culture, and history that come into play and impact their daily lives in myriad ways. It means you can trust us to honor the emotions and thoughts you share with us, to validate and affirm your experiences, and help you to find ways to cope with pain and trauma while still living your life fully. As culturally competent therapists, we know that recognizing and confronting issues of race and racism is essential to good therapy. It might mean we need to be a little uncomfortable. It might mean you get angry. It might mean we all feel and think and say difficult things, but it’s all an essential part of the process to ensure you are safe and able to receive the effective therapy you deserve. You can get to know our therapists by visiting our team page.

Struggles Impacting Our black Community in Metro Detroit

There are many reasons why people of color in Metro Detroit may want to seek out therapy. We’ll talk in the next section about some of the common reasons people of all races seek therapy, but we can’t look away from the specific sources of stress, fear, and trauma that impact this community, which include: 

  • Racism and discrimination – this can mean dealing with the effects of direct and hate-filled racist acts against you, a loved one, or your community, or just being frustrated with all the little ways that you’re made to feel other or less than or the hurtles presented by systemic racism. 
  • Intergenerational trauma – scientific research has discovered that trauma lives in our bodies – literally – and even more importantly, it is transmitted to our children generation after generation. This means people who didn’t directly experience trauma can still feel it and exhibit symptoms of this trauma. It’s no secret that people of color in our country have more than enough traumas to cause the effects of intergenerational trauma, and the traumas of our present mean future generations will feel it too. 
  • Reticence to ask for help – because of the lasting effects of systemic racism and the abusive use of therapy for black Americans are less likely to seek therapy than others. This discomfort in seeking therapy and stigma associated with those who do leaves, the Black community dealing with higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma on their own, which leaves them seriously struggling. In its own way, not seeking therapy becomes its own reason for seeking therapy.

Everyday Struggles We’re All Working to Overcome

In addition to these understandable reasons to seek therapy, people of color also seek therapy for the everyday struggles we all face. From difficult life transitions to challenges in relationships, therapy can help you live a fulfilling and satisfying life while more easily coping with life’s challenges.

Benefits of Therapy to Improve Your Daily Life

Whatever the reasons for seeking out therapy, there are many benefits, including: 

  • Reduced stress – the annual Stress in America survey is designed to measures levels of stress in the U.S., and people of color report significantly higher levels of stress for many of the reasons we’ve already discussed. Therapy can help you develop skills to cope with and reduce stress. 
  • Healing trauma – whether you’re overcoming direct trauma, witnessing frightening events, or generational traumas, therapy can help you work through and heal from trauma. 
  • Managing mood – if you’re dealing with high levels of anger, anxiety, depression, and other disordered moods, counseling teaches you the coping tools and strategies to address these challenging moods.
  • Communication – sharing feelings, expressing your thoughts in healthy ways, and developing intimacy bonds with your loved ones is all about communication. It seems to come naturally to some people, but others can use a little help developing their communication skills.

Get Started Working with Us at Lotus Psychology Group

At Lotus Psychology Group, we’re dedicated to making every aspect of the therapy process straightforward and stress free. That starts with scheduling your appointment. When you’re ready to get started, you can call us at (248) 957-8973, email our admin team at info@lotuspsychgroup.com, or take a few minutes to complete our online scheduling form. We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for trusting Lotus Psychology Group to be part of your therapy journey.