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Multicultural Counseling

Cultural and Generational Healing Therapy for Muslim and Arab Americans in Metro Detroit

Culture impacts all aspects of our lives. The way we think, act, and behave are all influenced by our cultural upbringing. Our attitudes, values, customs, religiosity, traditions, and behaviors are built into our cultural identity.

We may protect ourselves and avoid risks – whether or not this helps us grow and develop as individuals.

This is especially true for Muslim and Arab Americans.

We offer a safe space for you to hold your beliefs and navigate/process issues related to  assimilation, stigmatization, racism, women’s issues

About Muslim and Arab American Culture

1. Focus on Family and Community First

​Muslim and Arab American culture centers around:

  • Social harmony, respectfulness

  • Group needs over individual needs.

  • Deep commitment to family, economic and educational achievements,

  • Love of “The American Dream”

  • Strong community connectedness and support during times of struggle

​However, one of the most overlooked struggles for Arab and Muslim-Americans is mental health.​

2. Unique Worldviews and Lived Experiences

In the United States, Muslim Americans and Arab Americans are often identified as one community. But most Muslims do not come from Arabic-speaking countries.

They originate from different countries across the Middle East and North Africa. from South Asian countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Others immigrated from sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Iran, and other countries. Culture, values, and religion differ significantly from region to region.

At Lotus Psych, we use culturally-sensitive interventions and techniques to ensure positive outcomes.

“ We value, respect, and communicate an understanding of the various cultures, beliefs, and religious practices of the Arab American and Muslim community”

How we Help Muslim and Arab Americans in Therapy:

  • ​Bilingual staff that are trained in the use of a multicultural approach to therapy

  • Acceptance of mental health support outside the family unit

  • Communicate with elders and family members

  • Multi-cultural approach to marriage counseling

  • Pre-marriage counseling

  • Immigrant and refugee issues

  • Taboo topics

  • Self-care and individual goals while supporting family needs

  • Parenting issues

  • Children adjusting to new environments

  • Fear, anxiety, and depression

  • Using the Quran for support during tough times

  • Community education on mental health conditions

  • Access to mental health resources

Our therapists at Lotus Psych Group understand and appreciate the unique background and beliefs of Arab and Muslim American clients and their families. We understand that some Arab and Muslim Americans may be highly-acculturated or assimilated, while others may adhere to traditional cultural and religious values.

We understand that your decision to seek mental health care might be a family decision.

Or that seeking treatment could be difficult to navigate.

“ We offer a safe space to help you heal, we work in partnership with you to help deconstruct the stigma surrounding mental health.”

We promise to help you balance this delicately with your mental health needs.

Getting Started with Culture-Sensitive Therapists at Lotus Psychology Group

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