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LGBTQ+-centered therapy is meant to be a safe and inclusive space for anyone dealing with issues related to their experiences can feel free to fully explore their feelings, identity, and history without fear of judgment from those around them. This kind of space is crucial to those who feel underrepresented in their everyday lives because it allows them to be open and vulnerable and provides the opportunity for their healing journey to flourish.

How Lotus Psychology Can Help You

At Lotus Psychology we want you to feel welcomed and included in all of our practices. That is why we take great pride in offering a therapy experience that will help you past individual sessions by offering tangible tools and resources that you can rely on in your everyday life. Because this therapy is centered around prioritizing the experiences of those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community, Lotus Psychology offers guidance through a range of issues that may not be typically addressed in traditional therapy. Below are some of the few ways that our therapists can tailor your therapy experience to optimize your growth and healing:
  • Issues regarding general anxiety or depression
  • Trauma-related to your LGBTQ+ experience
  • Imposter Syndrome within your LGBTQ+ identity
  • Guidance through your relationships with friends, families, and partners
  • Creating a network of resources that you can rely on

Who Is LGBTQ+ Therapy For?

LGBTQ+ centered therapy is not just for those who identify within the community, but rather for anyone who may be dealing with an issue regarding the community. This therapy can help those who are struggling to find solace with the new changes that their loved one is facing or who need help in accepting all of the new changes that are happening around them. At Lotus Psychology, everyone is welcome to share their experiences without feeling like their voice or opinion won’t be heard. It is important to recognize that the issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community are not clear cut and require nuisance to fully understand all perspectives. When you visit us for therapy, we will provide you with a listening ear and respond empathetically to whatever you may be facing.

You Deserve Your Safe Space

The spaces in which you feel safe should be prioritized above all else. When you aren’t given the freedom to fully explore who you are as a person, you will find yourself feeling closed off from the vast world around you. At Lotus Psychology we are prepared to give you everything you need to feel successful in your healing journey so that you can continue to walk through the world as a whole, authentic version of yourself. Everyone deserves a foundation of support and love in their lives and through therapy, you will be able to find new and fascinating things about the way you feel, love, and think. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can get started on building the network of support you need.